While most of us think of using this type of equipment for simply keeping food fresh, there are actually dozens of ways that having a vacuum packaging machine handy in your home makes good sense. I tend to use ours for a wide variety of reasons, but that may be because we grow most of our own food. This makes using one of these machines the easiest way to keep what we harvest fresh and good to eat even years later.

But even if you aren’t the sort of person who likes to spend your spare time in the back forty or feeding the chickens, you can still get plenty of use from one of these handy machines. To give you an idea of just how handy they are, here are three simple ways you can use your vacuum packing machine to help you around the home.

Vacuum Packaging Machines Are Perfect for Food Storage

This is of course the easiest one to show. When we pack up our harvest, the majority of it gets sealed away using our machine so that we can ensure it is not only fresh tasting but still has the majority of its nutrients. The best way to do this is to first freeze everything on sheets, so that you are capturing the individual moisture when you freeze it. Then take those frozen peas, strawberries or whatever you have and pack them up in their individual vacuum packages. This will ensure that they stay fresh frozen for as long as three years without freezer burn or deterioration.

Vacuum Pack Your Liquids

Have you ever noticed how when you open up a bottle of wine or any kind of liquid, that it starts to change the moment that bottle is opened up? It can be something as simple as a bottle of olive oil or a big container of vinegar, but once it is opened it begins to spoil. If you like to buy in bulk the things you can’t grow or produce yourself, such as these types of liquids, then you will soon see that you need a way to keep them fresh once the seal has been broken.

Vacuum packing those liquids is the perfect solution. For anyone who loves to make those herb-infused oils from the herbs in your garden, using the little bottle stoppers that create a vacuum are the perfect way to keep your home grown herb oils fresh and ready for use any time.

Keep Silver from Tarnishing with a Vacuum Packer

While it is nice to have the good family silver for special occasions, I find that they are only taken out maybe once or twice a year. Since this tends to be for Thanksgiving and Christmas, two holidays that are close to each other, we vacuum pack our good silver after Christmas to prevent it from tarnishing again while sitting around for another year. This works like a charm, is easy to do and if you already have the machine it is not that time consuming either. Don’t forget to wrap your silver in a cloth before you pack it up to prevent the fork tines from puncturing the bag when you seal it.

As you can see from these three simple examples, there are tons of ways you can use that vacuum packaging machine to help you around the house. From keeping food fresh to saving you time on cleaning the good silver, the machine is a handy thing to have around.

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