What we eat has a huge impact on our health. It is really important that we have a proper nutrition, that we rest a lot and that we exercise at least a couple of times per month. This is the best way to remain healthy. It is even more important when someone else depends on you. While it is obvious that in some cases you cannot do anything, like with the delivery room problems handled by https://cprlaw.com/pa/philadelphia, when it comes to what you eat, you have complete control. Make sure that you always avoid the following foods.

Whole Wheat Bread

The genetic manipulation done on wheat in the sixties and seventies basically modified everything. Unfortunately, most people tell you that whole wheat is the way to go since it is better than white wheat. That is true but the better move is to basically remove wheat from your diet. This is because the wheat we use today is actually connected with the triggering of various health problems ranging from digestive conditions to obesity and even skin disorders.

Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer

Literally millions of people love coffee and that is definitely good since there are different health advantages associated with drinking coffee. However, what we add to the coffee is sometimes pretty bad. So many fake creamers are on the market. They are tasty but they are filled with various ingredients that can damage your liver and we often see corn syrup, which has high fructose content. Combine this with many bad hydrogenated oils and the only solution that remains is drinking the coffee black and adding coconut milk or similar.

Diet Soda

This should already be known by everyone but diet soda consumption is still really high. The problem with the sugar free candies, gum and diet sodas is they include artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose or neotame. We do not know much about the safety of these sweeteners and independent research highlights that there are health-related issues that are evident after consuming the sweeteners. At the same time, consuming diet soda actually makes your sugar cravings worse. People tend to consume even more sugar when they opt for diet soda.

Canned Tomatoes

In the can’s resin linings we see BPA or bisphenol-A, which is a synthetic estrogen. Unfortunately, this estrogen is connected to various different ailments affecting the heart and the reproductive system. There is even a proven connection to obesity and diabetes. The big problem is that the young ones are those that are the most affected. Make sure that you avoid the canned tomatoes and opt for those offered in glass bottles. These are so much better.


We only mentioned 4 foods but there are so many others that can be mentioned. The bottom line is you have to always learn all that you can about the foods you eat. The more information you have, the easier it is to be sure that your diet is as healthy as it should be. Be careful about what you buy and you will be healthier.

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